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Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Bingtong L. -

 All fates are destined

 All clouds are fleeing

 All beginnings are without endings

 All joy is without smiles

 All sorrow is without tears

 All languages ​​are repetitive

 All relationships are first encounters

 All death has a prolonged echo


 Not all trees have been broken off by the storm

 Not all seeds cannot find soil to root

 Not all true feelings lost in deserts of human hearts

 Not all dreams wish to be cut off the wings

 Not all torches are burning themselves but not illuminating others

 Not all songs pass through the ears but not stay in the hearts

 Not all abysses are deaths

 Not all consequences are tears and blood, but without mirth

 Everything in nowadays is creating future

 Everything in the future is from it yesterday

 I wish I can put all of them on my shoulders

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