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Announcing the 2022 DaVinci Submission Contest!

A message from the Editorial Board:

In honor of the release of our new submission requirements (attached below), the DaVinci will be holding a content submissions contest through April 20th, 2022! There will be a lottery-style drawing for a financial prize once the deadline has passed. Please see competition specifics below.

  1. All submissions must be emailed to the Editorial Board by 11:59 pm on April 20th. Submissions should be sent to this email:

  2. All submissions must meet the submission requirements outlined below.

  3. All submissions must respond to at least one of the prompts below.

Possible Prompts:

  1. Submit content about a current or former social movement that has inspired you. Why did it make you feel this way?

  2. Discuss a current issue facing Charlottesville and/or Virginia as a whole. This can relate to recent political developments, systematic changes, your personal experience, etc.

Submissions Requirements:

If you have questions or concerns about whether or not your work follows these guidelines, please reach out to the Editorial Board at We will do our best to adjust or accommodate your submission!

  1. All submissions must be created by a member of the RHS community, including current/former students, faculty and staff members.

  2. All submissions must be non-fiction: reviews, editorials, interviews, reflections, news articles, reporting, commentary, political cartoons and/or accompanying photography are accepted.

  3. All pieces must include enough context and background information for the reader to best understand the submission. If context is lacking, the Board will write a contextual blurb to attach with the piece.

  4. Submissions must meet the following length requirements;

    1. News articles & reporting: 350 to 450 words

    2. Reflections & commentary: 500 words or less

    3. Reviews & editorials: 600 to 800 words

    4. Video/audio files: Minimum of 2 minutes, preferably under 15 minutes

  5. All submissions must be in a supported format, including but not limited to: text, audio, video, digital, and downloadable files. All images must be jpegs.

  6. The Editorial Board reserves the right to edit submissions; once complete, edited submissions will be returned and the writer will have three days to change, undo, or respond to edits. If the writer does not respond, it is assumed that the edits are approved.

  7. Submissions may not act as advertisements to increase the personal wealth of the author.

  8. Exceptions to these rules are at the discretion of the Editorial Board.

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