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I Am Trapped

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

04.05.2020 Hinke Y. (CHARLOTTESVILLE - DAVINCI) -

I am trapped and my pencil is consoling me

‘Cause as the world I’m in is chaos

I’m trying to sort out the community around me and 

Figure how to manage with emotion six feet away

My ancestors watch me write

German, Dutch, Swedish, all in one

Wanting out, wanting in

Waiting for me to get there

I am the daughter of the lorax; 

Fighting for policy, reusing and investigating wherever I go

50 years of praising Mother Earth but we’re still drilling 

So I might just major in saving the world

I’m here to make music, 10 years strong

Playing out for anyone who wants to listen

Creating sounds with anything I hold

Tapping my body to an invisible beat and waiting for others to join

I’m beginning to realize that it’s not about hitting all the right notes

But doing something real and being

And always growing because you can’t ever stop

And I don’t intend to

Sitting here in the light of this room and the caves of my mind 

With a pen in hand and paper crumpled at my feet

Regardless of what I do or who I become 

I know that I’ve got something and just maybe I am:

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