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Which Ghost is Most Influential in A Christmas Carol?

Natasha I.

January 29, 2022

All the ghosts in “A Christmas Carol” were each important in their own ways. I feel the ghost of Christmas present was the most influential because he showed Scrooge how to love. “No act of kindness, no matter how great or small, is ever wasted” - Aesop.

Every one of the ghosts served a purpose. The ghost of Christmas past showed Scrooge his childhood and his regrets. The ghost of Christmas future instilled fear in Scrooge, and altered his motives for being a good person. Lastly, the ghost of Christmas present showed Scrooge there is love and empathy in the world and that not everything has to be cold hard business. The ghost of Christmas present was loving to Scrooge, and this, I believe, was the most impactful.

The ghost of Christmas present, arguably, taught Scrooge the most. He is the only ghost who showed Scrooge love and compassion. During the scene where the ghost took Scrooge to see his nephew’s Christmas day celebration, Scrooge was excited and wanted to partake in the games of the party. When he saw the Cratchit’s house there was so much excitement for such a meager meal. In the Cratchit’s house, everyone made themselves merry and loving to one another. We saw Scrooge’s heart, and especially Tiny Tim’s infectious Christmas spirit. When Scrooge heard that his actions would affect Tiny Tim’s well being he was devastated. Showing someone love and empathy can make all the difference, as one does not know what others around them might be going through.

I believe everyone needs and deserves love and affection. The people around us are all unique human beings and if we treat each one with kindness, they might just make a difference in the world. What the ghost of Christmas future was doing was corrupting Scrooge’s motivations to be good, because the ghost scared Scrooge and the ghost showed Scrooge that actions have consequences. Scrooge's consequence is death. I believe Scrooge would have been good and learned to be empathetic towards others even if he did not see the ghost of Christmas yet to come.

The ghost of Christmas present, overall, gave Scrooge the most. The ghost showed Scrooge that there is love in the world, best represented by the Cratchits. Scrooge grew the greatest as a person with the ghost of Christmas present and learned the earth is a kind place; one just has to know where to look.

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